Saturday, November 26, 2011

post thanksgiving trauma yumyum

Things just got a lot more stressful. Luckily I'm too broke to even try and concern myself with black friday sales and the hustle and the hassle, though I wish I could immerse myself in velvet and bows and gold shoes and all the other things on my ever growing "to-buy" list. But, I'm all for being productive and that list is going to have to wait.
Until then, enjoy my to-do list as of this very moment.

  • call Roy about the lease and FINALLY settle all of this, considering move in date is now in less than a month.
  • call Meredith because I've promising to call her for about a week now and...what do you know another missed call. I'm such a great best friend. :3
  • call Andy and let him know when I return tomorrow
  • pack to go home
  • pretend like this is all I need to do tonight
  • mess around with my new blog. xx

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