Monday, November 28, 2011

marvelous mondays...

CAUTION: honestly, just skip this post if you don't watch gossip girl. (and don't judge. you don't understanddd)

will continue to be marvelous with episodes like these. Season 5 of gossip girl had been every thing I imagined and more and all of us chair fans (the rest of you are in denial) know that its about to get even better. I've been elated the past few weeks as the Chuck and Blair action gets more and more intense. I'm so ready for her to dump the price and stop kidding herself. And seriously, props to Max, the poor thing. He better carry out his threat; I'm so so sick of Charlie/ivy/whatever. But whatever everything else is irrelevant; Chuck said some even more amazing than usual things tonight.

I've been waiting 5 years for this

would you just look at their faces? jdfbjrhbgej

Best quote from tonight:
Nate: You still love her, huh?
Chuck: I can't imagine the day that I won't.

I hate chick flicks and I'm not the least bit sappy, but this is different. 

Well, in addition to this my day was fine and I calculated I have exactly 7 days of school left before I am done with high school forever. I can't believe it. I don't even care I'm so ready. Paperwork is getting finalized for our breathtaking apartment <3 I'll try and post some pictures of it soon. Thanks for reading have a good night.
later snitchez


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