Wednesday, December 28, 2011

still no wifi

So we still don't have wifi and I used my starbucks giftcard to hit up my local mass-produced coffee shop and steal their wifi. 

But hey, I ain't complainin! Its GORGEOUS outside. I'm perfectly happy sitting out here with black keys new album in one ear and the sound of highway behind me in the other.
once again, the weather could not be more perfect.

Now about my Christmas! Really all that is worth discussing is the amazing new things I got/bought! (And my mother's amazing seafood gumbo she made for christmas eve) Mostly shyhigh heels...I have a problem, but wait til I post pictures of them all!! vbjewhbvhjwrb
AND I ORDERED CREEPERS they are coming from the UK so it may be awhile :/
also quite a bit of velvet has been added to my wardrobe. <3

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

now back to my online chess game.


p.s. snapped this of the guy in front of me in line a few minutes ago. i die.

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