Sunday, February 5, 2012


this weekend was fabulous, especially in the art category. It was first friday, a monthly event here in the area of San Antonio I live in, where all the numerous art galleries and bars and restaurants stay open late and people come from all over to walk around, enjoy the exhibits, and party. This time was extra exciting because it started raining so hard it was practically flooding.

Then yesterday some friends and I went to the McNay for the special limited time ANDY WARHOL EXHIBIT!! It surpassed my expectations incredibly. I've seen some of his stuff before at the Met, etc, but this exhibit was above and beyond. (wow, san antonio outdid new york in something besides mexican food...) It was very extensive and very well put together. They didn't allow photography, but I'm posting some favorite peices by the wonderful pop art icon Andy Warhol.

I also tried Pho for the first time (pronounced Fuh, so its as much fun saying it as it is eating it).

A lot of people don't realize he had other interests besides celeb and pop, he was very dark and fascinated with much more morose topics. 

The exhibit included countless screen prints, photographs, paintings, and even a few videos and sculptures. 
It also gave some details about him, mainly his fascination with celebrities, pop culture, religion, and death. 



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